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Green Living

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Energy Savers Info - Air Conditioners Practical information on buying, sizing and operating an air conditioner from the U.S. Dept. of Energy.
10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green Tips on saving the planet and saving MONEY.
Green Operations in the Government The U.S. General Services Administration's plans to amend US government facilities and practices to set a standard for green operations.

General Conservation

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Ozark Regional Land Trust Information on a non-profit land trust operating in the Ozarks.  Their property includes Woods Prairie Preserve near Mt. Vernon.
Air Pollution:  Understanding the Problem and Ways to Help Solve It Large amounts of information indexed on Statistics, Health Effects, Environmental Effects, Human Causes, Natural Causes, Indoor Air Pollution and Ways to Help Keep the Air Cleaner.


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Green Communities Educational website - How Green is my Town?
Missouri Wildflower Nursery Source of Missouri native species.

Animals - General

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Key to Prairie and Grassland Invertebrates (5.76) A wonderful guide to common prairie invertebrates by MDC.


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Project FeederWatch Project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Opportunity to participant in the FeederWatch project and other general info on birds.
We Love Birds Bird blog and other bird info.


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Insects and Composting Explanation of how insects aid the decomposition process in compost piles.


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AbbySher Website that reviews kitchen products such as bread machines, ice cream makers and other small appliances.
Ottersedt Insurance Agency One of the top New Jersey car insurance agencies - highly recommended.
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