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 What's Doing 2011!

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Eagle Festival
at Stella, MO

January 29, 2011
It was a warm day in January when the Chert Glades Master Naturalist gathered at Stella, Missouri for the 2011 Eagle Festival. It was also a great day! Folks showed up by the hundreds creating a hustle and bustle in the small town. Eagles appeared on a regular basis so that everyone could see juveniles and adults. Some nests were spotted. Magnificent hawks also joined in with the festivities. It was a great success!
Celebration of International Compost
Awareness Week

May 13 - 14, 2011
At the request of the City Recycling Center Manager, the Chert Glades Master Naturalist along with some Master Gardeners gathered at the Recycling Center to give out free compost bins as pictured on the left.  Both days were cool and Saturday was also wet, so all the allotted bins were not claimed by the public during this event.  However, many of the folks who came were very excited to start composting and others were there to replace their rusted, worn-out bin.  All the Master "Volunteers" were available to give out information and encouragement to the first-time group and to compliment and further encourage the experienced composters.
Golden Prairie BioBlitz

June 4 - 5, 2011

There was  a good turnout for the Bio-Blitz sponsored by the Missouri Prairie Foundation on June 4 and 5 at Golden Prairie near Golden City, MO where attendants participated in various plant and animal surveys.  A potluck supper was held Saturday night and several camped in tents on the prairie.  Thousands of fireflies put on an excellent show that evening.  We woke to the music of dickcissels and meadow larks on Sunday morning.  Six chapters of Missouri Master Naturalists were represented at the event and an enjoyable time was had by all.
Kid's Fishing Day
Kellogg Lake

June 11, 2011
Saturday, June 11, 2011 was an exciting day at Kellogg Lake in Carthage, Missouri. Several Chert Glades Master Naturalists participated in the event which involved more than just helping kids load their fishing hooks with worms. There were booths about bears, water quality, snakes, fish, aquatic animals, forests, recycling, and more. Master Naturalists answered questions and introduced kids and their parents to many wonders of our natural world. There were lots of "Ooo, yuck, I won't touch that!" and "Wow! That's so cool!" from everyone. It was a fun day for all who were involved.
Nature Smart Club
North Middle School

July, 2011
Our local Master Naturalists were featured recently in an article in Body & Mind, the July - August, 2011 edition published by the Joplin Globe.  The article brings out more of the great work that members of the Chert Glades Master Naturalists do everyday.  They see a need and fill it.  They integrate their naturalist way of life with their work environment.  They partner with other great groups like Missouri Department of Conservation, Master Gardeners and other community businesses and organizations.  Most of all, they are working hard to bring folks back to nature, in this case, a very lucky North Middle School group.

To see and read the article, click here.
"Carver Days" -
George Washington Carver
National Monument

July 9, 2011
It was a fair weather day on the grounds of the George Washington Carver National Monument.  A group of Chert Glades Master Naturalist partnered with MDC to man a booth at the annual Carver Days celebration.  (It was still fair in the afternoon but very HOT!)  The booth featured Great Naturalists and lots of specimens from nature to demonstrate the tools of the trade for a Master Naturalist.  Cicada skins found on a nearby oak tree drew a lot of attention from the children attending.  Some were awarded a cicada skin to wear on their shirt for the rest of the day.  The National Park staff speculated that there were about 800 in attendance that day.
"Family Fishing Night" -
Walter Woods CA

July 22 & 29, 2011
Walter Woods Conservation Area (CA) was a busy place for two family fishing nights sponsored by MDC.  Approximately 30 families enjoyed a brief introduction to fishing and then they were given an opportunity to try their hand at landing, for some, their first fish.  As much as possible every child was given the opportunity to catch a fish whether it be a blue gill, catfish or largemouth bass. Part of the experience included putting a worm on a hook (for some of the more timid just touching) and watching a bobber and setting the hook. Then amid a lot of squeals the fight was on. In most cases it was time for the MDC personnel and volunteers including Chert Glades Master Naturalists to "touch the fish" , remove the hook, pose for pictures and Practice Catch and Release.
The CA fishing is open to groups of Scouts, Home School kids and others on a registration basis only with all the equipment provided. Walter Woods CA is a great spot to enjoy hiking on short trails, use the available lodge for training or conferences indoors, go out under the pavilion, or just pick a cool shade tree and "smell the roses".
A fly fishing venue will be held there for the conference by MN/MAKO fly fisherman, Silas Gray.
Seed Collection
Woods Prairie

August, 2011
This has become an annual trip for many of the Chert Glades Master Naturalists. The seed collection will generally start in August and last for approximately a month and a half. This prairie is only about 40 acres but it feels like you are on an oasis when you are collecting. There are other nature sounds in the background but very few people noises except an occasional car or truck passing the property.  The seeds are collected every year and sold to help finance the maintenance of the prairie.  This is an important service project for our chapter.  Although it is more distant than some of our efforts, our chapter has always supplied an important number of volunteer hours to preserve this prairie.

"Water Festival" -
Wildcat Park on Shoal Creek

August 13, 2011
The annual Water Festival was held a little later this year but it was hot anyway.  For this event, the Chert Glades Master Naturalists partnered with the local Conservation Opportunity Area team to sponsor a booth on rain gardens.  There was a mock up rain garden to show the types of plants to use and lots of free literature on the "why and how" of the rain garden.  Our MN volunteers talked to the visitors about the plants and encouraged them to give it a try.  A drawing was held after the event and the plants were taken home by the lucky winners.